The Professional Association of Clinical Coders is the only organisation solely dedicated to supporting clinical coders in the UK.

The Association was formed to improve the profile and status of clinical coders and other professionals working within the UK clinical classifications arena. The Associations primary objective is to help raise the profile of Clinical Coders and to promote the understanding of the value of clinically coded data. In order to achieve this the Association makes representation on behalf of the profession, provides a forum for Clinical Coders and those interested in the classification of health data and actively promotes the professional practice of clinical coding in the UK.

Our activities reflect on all clinical coders. Moreover, all clinical coders are represented to some extent by the Associations actions. Therefore, the Association acts as a professional representative for all clinical coders in the UK, and not merely as an advocacy group or club for Association members.

As the only professional organisation that is solely dedicated to supporting the clinical coding profession in the UK, the Association operates with a higher level of purpose representing the ideals of health informatics. Every member of the Association is accountable to an ethical standard that is derived from the vision and values of the Association.

The Professional Association of Clinical Coders is a Limited Company Limited by Guarantee and is managed through a Board of Directors and the Association Council.

Our associate and full membership fees are amongst the most modest of all professional organisations, at £25.00 per annum this equates to less than 50p per week.

Please note that the Association does not respond to coding queries that require the setting of a national clinical coding standard.