Certificate Level Examination

The Association is reviewing the format of the examination. There will be no further papers until this work has been completed.

The Certificate level examination is a practical clinical coding examination. The purpose of the examination is to demonstrate clinical coding proficiency. It tests the candidate's ability to apply National Standard clinical coding rules by assignment of the correct clinical codes. It also tests the candidates ability to abstract and make appropriate decisions about their translation from the clinical statement to the statistical code set. To ensure that the clinical coding competencies demonstrated by the certificate are current, the certificate is valid for three years. Thereafter the certificate will need renewing by re-taking the examination.

Copies of papers are returned to candidates with their results at no additional cost.


  • There are no prerequisites (Whilst there are no prerequisites, candidates are advised that the certificate tests clinical coding skills at a higher level than the NCCQ).
  • Candidates do not need to be a member of the Association.

Examination structure:

2 practical papers with a break between.
There is no theory paper in this examination.
A 'Pass' is required in both papers to have achieved the certificate.


  • Non-members: £100.00
  • Members: £-free-

Examination Date and Venue

  • Examination date: Monday 11th November 2013
  • Closing date for registration: 1st October 2013
  • Southern venue: to be announced based on demand
  • Northern venue: to be announced based on demand
  • Western venue: Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton, Somerset

Health Warning

  • Exams change every year: Examiners aren't stupid. They will change the content of the examinations. Do not confine your learning to things that came up last year or the year before. Yes, it is useful to be aware of the examination format and favourite questions, but aim to pick-up and practise the skills and knowledge you will need for the job you are doing.
  • Remember the standard that is expected: The examination is reviewing your overall clinical coding skill and knowledge and they are essentially two different things.
  • Do not get obsessed with marking schedules. You may not be able to determine what is being assesed in each question. Do not try and second guess the examiners.
  • Trust your own judgement

Further Information