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Correct encoding is necessary to ensure that a Trust appropriately represents the activity that it undertakes.

From the Trusts perspective, regular and appropriate clinical coding audit can enable errors (or patterns of error) to be corrected before payers challenge any inappropropriate clinical coding or subsequent billing. From the payers perspective it is important to audit a Trusts clinical coding to ensure that you are being charged appropriately and also to better understand the data and activity being undertaken on your behalf.

Investing in a clinical coding audit may not save you money, but if conducted properly, it should help to promote a better understanding of activity and help to engender confidence in the data in the longer term.

Clinical Coding audit is provided by NHS Health and Social Care Information Centre approved auditors.
NB: Two appropriately qualified auditors are required for formal external audit for Information Governance purposes (Information Governance Toolkit Requirement 7302). We are experienced in delivering clinical coding audit to both provider and commissioner clients.

The company is registered with the Information Commissioner for Data Protection purposes (Reg: Z1100040).