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About the Company

CODEinfo was formed to meet the growing clinical coding training, auditing and consulting needs of both public, private/independant and commercial clients. The company has continued to grow since its inception partly due its reputation for independance but also because of our commitment to providing a quality service and because of our ability to think creatively, with a fresh and impartial perspective and with our clients best interests in mind.

CODEinfo is your gateway to accessing skilled, and experienced independant clinical coding expertise on an out-sourced basis. Using an independant trainer, auditor or consultant is usually cost-effective as we can be brought in as and when needed.

CODEinfo is a proud sponsor of the Professional Association of Clinical Coders-UK. We sponsor PACC-UK because clinically coded data is also patient data. It is the companies view, that those who undertake the role of translator of clinical data into a coded format (data that forms part of the patient record) should be professionally qualified and supported. PACC-UK is the only organisation in the UK that is solely committed to that purpose.